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SEPTEMBER 2014 Winner of Blue Drop Award 2014 "BEST CONTRACT" at MOOD in Brussels AUGUST Launch "Silent Space Collection - extended" reaching sound absorption alpha w 0.8 MAY Newsletter WSDG "Hirslanden Cardiac Clinic" > Tec21 "Akustikmaterialien aus dem Computer"

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"High five for award winning designer" > August  Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® wins the "EESC European Award 2013" for excellent design, function and research efforts > March The "Silent Space Collection" distributed in Japan by Sangetsu Ltd  January Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® wins the"Interior Innovation Award 2013" in Cologne >  January The "Silent Space Collection" distributed worldwide by Vescom BV, Annette Douglas Textiles distributes exclusive the Swiss market.

July 2012 Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® wins the Red Dot Award "Best of the Best" > Red Dot Year Book 2012 > July  Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® exhibits at "Proud, moving materials"> June Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® wins the Dwell on Design Award 2012 in Los Angeles >

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Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS®

transparent acoustic textiles - a silent revolution

In spring 2011, Annette Douglas launched with the «Silent Space Collection» a worldwide novelty. The first transparent acoustic curtain collection Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS®. The fruit of years research efforts, as a CTI research project, in close collaboration with the EMPA (Federal Laboratories for Materials Science & Technology). In 2014 with the launch of the «Silent Space Collection - extended» a further innovation is launchend, achiving higher sound absorption values up to alpha w 0.8. The world's first creation, a translucent and effective acoustic fabric - the original. The collection is characterized by its elegance, its unique design, its tactile quality and its superior absorption values. The collection «Silent Space» astonish the experts, when they see the readings achieved.

And the translucent acoustic curtain collection is even the big winner of prestigious awards such as the «Swiss Design Award 2011», the «Red Dot Best of the Best 2012», the «Dwell on Design Award 2012» in US or the «EESC Award 2013» handed over from the European Union or the Blue Drop Award 2014 «BEST CONTRACT» in Brussels.

Noise is annoying. It interrupts communication, reduces productivity and tires people out. Sound absorbing surfaces are therefore needed in rooms where people work, talk to each other or trying to relax, sound-absorbing surfaces are necessary. The «Silent Space Collection», the innovative transparent acoustic curtains of Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® absorb up to 80% of the sound energy. The collection with the qualities «STREAMER classic», «STREAMER pro», «LIQUID classic», «WHISPER classic» and «WHISPER air» provide the decisive contribution to meet demanding audio challenges. The transparent acoustic textiles, despite its light weight have a sound absorption in the range of alpha w 0.5 - 0.8. All draperies of «Silent Space Collection» are also flame retardant and meet the demanding European standard (B1 according to DIN 4102) and are certified by Oeko Tex Standard 100.

The collection is distributet through a worldwide network. Today, a significant number of small and large, international and national projects with Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® are completed. For example in Switzerland, the Intercontinental Hotel Davos, the new office building SBB Westlink in Zurich Altstetten, the Cardiac Clinic Hirslanden in Zurich, the new office building Syngenta in Basel, the Sports Center Eselriet in Effretikon or the old people's home of Christoph Merian Foundation in Basel.