« An outstanding textile designer is Annette Douglas. She is one of the most diverse designer, knows all kind of textile technics and mastered it at a level that allows her to cross borders. Seemingly effortless. With great enthusiasm she creates the new collection
of curtains for Atelier Pfister »

Alfredo Häberli, Design & Development
Kurator Atelier Pfister

tailor-made design

textiles for interiors

Outstanding results can only be achieved if everyone involved understands the concept, trust and contributes to it. Developments by Annette Douglas are developed in close collaboration with her clients.

As a design engineer, she is familiar with all textile techniques. Her skills and experience allow her to optimize the creations at the interface between design, innovation, manufacturing technology and costings.

Exclusive for Atelier Pfister she developed a curtain collection with Alfredo Häberli as the curator of the collection. The collection is a big success and the success story will be continued with further collections.