Annette Douglas is the brand for innovative acoustic textile solutions. With Annette Douglas everything is tailor-made, optimized and from one source. Her achievements are impressive, the awards significantly.

AUGUST 2017 Silent Space Collection extended SNOOZER - inspired by nature > APRIL Magazine Hochparterre pictures of new Atelier Zumthor and ACOUSTICS > MARCH Opening Media Park in Zurich with ACOUSTICS for Axel Springer Verlag, Restaurant Not Guilty and Admeira > PFISTER "Atelier Pfister Schweizer Stoffkunst" >

NOVEMBER 2016 FRAME "Sound Materials" by Tyler Adams > and the interview > SGA Akustiker Tagung Empa Dübendorf OCTOBER Schöner Wohnen > SEPTEMBER Article magazine Umbauen + Renovieren > AUGUST Launch Atelier Pfister Collection > JUNE Atelier Pfister Preview & Presse conference MAY Opening of the project Nest at Empa our acoustic textiles included > Swiss Textiles Stories "Portrait" > APRIL NZZ Podium "Innovationen" 28.4> Klangschloss Greifensee 30.4/1.5 > NZZ Format "Innovationsplatz Schweiz" 21.4 > Online Magazin Schönes Leben "Wohntextilien"  MÄRZ Launch Color Edition STREAMER pro > Master Talk HSLU Luzern 17.3 >

NOVEMBER 2015 Referent at conference for Swiss Acoustical Society 6.11.15 OCTOBER "Best practice" at University Trier in Germany 24.10.15 > AUGUST opening of the Baroque Pavillon Stockargut in Zurich with tailormade fabrics from Annette Douglas JUNE  Concept curtains for Toni Areal is nominated for AIT Interior Contract Award for textile spaces 2015 MAY Magazine Hochparterre 5/15 Raum hören, Klang bauen > MARCH Tages Anzeiger 3. 3. "Design Direkt" > FEBRUARY Talk at Atelier Arm & Hochparterre auf Youtube > und im Hochparterre > JANUARY Our reference Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® >

SEPTEMBER 2014 Opening of the University Campus Toni Areal with tailor made fabrics of Annette Douglas >, Winner of Blue Drop Award 2014 "BEST CONTRACT" at MOOD in Brussels AUGUST Acoustic Collection "Silent Space Collection - extended" reaching sound absorption alpha w 0.8 MAY Opening concert on the isle of music in Rheinau > MARCH WSDG Newsletter Project "Hirslanden Cardiac Clinic" > FEBRUARY  the olympic finish for Sotschi >

Speech at Symposium Lucerne "Design & Lifecycle" SEPTEMBER Empa News > AUGUST  "EESC European Award 2013" for excellent design, function and research efforts >. New "Atelier Pfister Collection" in all stores> MAY 2013 Portrait Spectrooms Nr. 2 > (Fachkom Verlag, Langnau, Redaktion Sigrid Hanke Medienarbeit, Zuerich) JANUARY 2013 Acoustics wins "Interior Innovation Award 2013" in Cologne  >

NOVEMBER 2012 NZZ 27.11.12
"Hartes Holz mit sanftem Wellenschlag" > Museum Winterthur "Wood Loop" Annette Douglas Textiles touches wood > JULY 2012 Annette Douglas wins Red Dot "Best of the Best" >  and the statment of the jury > JUNE 2012 Annette Douglas wins the Dewll Award 2012 in Los Angeles > MAY 2012 Winner of the design competition "curtains for Toni Areal Zuerich"

NOVEMBER 2011 Winner Swiss Design AWARD > 
JULY 2011 News 14.7.11 10vor 10 >Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 21. 6. 11 "Stoffe, die Stille schaffen" > MAY 2011 Media Release Empa "Curtains that quench noise" > by Michelle Bryner Innovation "High-tech curtains" > . Newspaper Tagesanzeiger 5. 4. 11, a portrait of A. Douglas >  

JANUARY 2011 annette douglas textiles ltd, public company focusing on innovative textiles
annette doulgas textiles is founded

Annette Douglas Textiles

Innovation in every fibre

Annette Douglas lives and works for textiles, for design and innovation. She is in the third generation of her family to work in the textile industry and startet 1997 her career in the textile design field. She is a multi award winner like the prestigious «Red Dot Best of the Best 2012» and «Design Preis Schweiz 2011» and the «EESC European Award 2013» handed over from the European Union Committee.

Annette Douglas is the brand for innovative and functional textiles. Thanks to her skills, expertise and experience, she is able to make lasting improvements in the areas where the competing interests of design, production technology, acoustics, research and development and costs come together. With an unerring sense of what has future potential and what is more than just in fashion. With Annette Douglas everything is tailor made, optimized and in good hands and from a single source.

In spring 2011, Annette Douglas launched the «Silent Space Collection» a worldwide novelty. The first transparent acoustic curtain collection Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS®. The launch of the «Silent Space Collection» is the fruit of years research efforts an as a part of a CTI research project in close collaboration with EMPA (Federal Research Institute).
 With the launch of the «Silent Space Collection - extended» a further innovation is launchend, achiving higher sound absorption values up to alpha w 0.8, the fabrics absorb up to 80% of the sound energy.