« Architectural structure and its textile lining have been inextricably linked since the dawn of human housing. Annette Douglas's technically innovative textiles meet spatial and aesthetic requirements, as well as acoustic needs, redefining the role of textiles in architecture »

Christoph Gantenbein

Christ & Gantenbein Architekten ETH SIA BSA



Tailor-made design and function

textiles for architecture

Annette Douglas has a great affinity for architecture. There is no doubt that had Annette Douglas not become a designer, she would have been an architect. Her competence is evidenced by concepts and projects in this area. During her studies she already developed and designed textile façades and other textile applications for architecture.

Tailor-made, today she can point out a number of buildings, textiles tailor-made for architecture, in the design or function, such as acoustics or fire protection. For example the university campus Toni Areal in Zurich, the kinetic membrane for the Winter Olympics in Sochi or the open space office Jacob Burckhardt House in Basel, the fassade of Rehab Clinic in Schinznach or the "Wood Loop" project for the Arts and Craft Museum in Winterthur.

With Annette Douglas everything is tailor made, optimized and in good hands and from a single source.